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Pin-up Pie! That pie is so fine, id eat that in bed and wouldn’t mind if i got crumbs everywhere…..

Wait what?

Seriously this pie is one of my favs (Raquel said it was my best so far)! The crust was sooo delicious. The Rainier cherries exploded in your mouth and the light spices worked perfectly. The dried fruit was nice and plump with juice.. wowee wowee

Raquel Nave, awesome photographer, brought her Polaroid camera over and we took pie pin-up pictures. Check out this write up of her work: or just google her, christ shes the coolest! and.. Anything for the love of pie…of course ;-)

Next I’m taking slices to Nico and Ari & Linda. Last night I ran into Ari and Linda, who are always so sweet, and Ari was like hey I know a secret about you and i was like SHUT YER PIE HOLE! and he was like okay, so I’m bringing those two pieces in a bit. The rest.. well, what can I say, I got home a little tipsy last night and …I ate it. :-)

Stay tuned.


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